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Mapping and GIS Analysis

NREC’s GIS Analysts work hard to make natural resource and transportation planning accurate,  timely, and cost-effective. We produce maps and design products for data collection, planning, construction, decision support, litigation, presentations, fieldwork, and reports.

Our Geographic Information Systems services include:
  • Intelligent Valve Placement Maps
  • Worst Case Discharge Maps
  • Access Points Mapping
  • Aerial Survey Maps
  • Integrated Digital/Traditional Video Mapping
  • GIS/CAD (Computer-Aided Design) integration
  • GIS Development
  • Pipeline Route and Stationing Segmentation Analysis
  • Customized Map Preparation
  • Annual Federal NPMS Submissions
  • HCA maps
  • Control Point mapping
  • Depth of Cover Maps
  • Control Point mappingHCA mapsCounty maps
  • Depth of Cover Maps