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Pipeline Integrity and Regulatory Compliance

Our Engineers, Scientists, and GIS Analysts work together to maintain the structural integrity and environmental safety of over 7,500 miles of North America’s petroleum transportation systems, which include the vast network of pipelines, drilling and pumping stations, oil tank farms, refineries, and metropolitan distribution systems that work to move over 8,000 barrels of crude oil and natural gas per day across the continent.
To maintain the petroleum transportation system’s integrity, NREC performs High Consequence Analysis (HCA) using control-point maps and tactile diagrams which are created from our hand-harvested river and field data.

As a team, we identify the level of threat any pipeline leak or spill could pose on the environment by assessing factors such as the corridor’s proximity to drinking water, urban areas, geohazards and more.
Using the results from HCA, our Engineers formulate emergency response plans to pipeline leaks and spills in compliance with the pertaining DOT (Dep. of Transportation), EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), and NEB (National Energy Board) regulations.