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Project Design and Management

Several of NREC’s civil and mechanical engineers design and manage large-scale construction projects for transmission petroleum pipelines. Our philosophy is to work as a team with the owner and contractors, allowing all parties to openly communicate throughout the construction process.
This process includes designing and reviewing the project, selecting the contractor and equipment, and managing the actual construction, budget and timeline. 
While our construction projects typically range from $1-5 million, we have experience in heading much more ambitious projects, with our largest  reaching up to $25 million. 
Our most common design and management construction projects include:
  •  River Bank Stabilization – to restore the structure of an eroding river bank after a pipeline has been installed
  • Remote valve installations – to provide the least amount of environmental impact in the case of a spill or leak in remote areas
  •  Station site containment – for mitigating potential oil leaks at pipeline pumping stations
  • Densometer installations – to assist pipe technicians in directing the pipelines’ differing oil batches into their respective oil tank